Versuri Motorhead - Stay Clean

Album: Motorhead - No Remorse

[I. Kilmister, E. Clarke, P. Taylor]
[Motor Music Ltd.]

I can tell, seen before
I know the way, I know the law
Can't believe, can't obey
Can't agree with all the things
I hear you say
Oh no, ask me why, I can't
Go on with all the filthy vile lies
Stay clean, stay clean
Stay clean, stay clean

Don't ya know, all the time
You got yours an' ya know that
I got mine
Grab a hold, don't let go
Don't let them rob ya of the only way ya know
Oh no, no-one else, got the
right to make you sorry for yourself
Stay clean, stay clean
Stay clean, stay clean

So you see, the only proof
Of what you are is in the way
You hear the truth
Don't be scared, live to win
Although they're always gonna tell ya it's a sin
In the end, you're on your own
And there is no one that can stop you being alone

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