Versuri Motorhead - Sucker

Album: Motorhead - Kiss Of Death

How we are, aint how we were,
Innocence, is for the birds,
Now we are poison, and we dont care,
We have no shame, we strip you bare,
And you so precious, lost in smoke,
Too busy laughing, to see the joke.

Nobody knows if you won or you lost,
Into the palace or up on the cross,
Into the gravy or into the ground,
We just dont want you around,

What we want, aint what we get,
Rags to riches, aint working yet,
For we are monsters, we love our work,
Raise your voice, you bite the dirt,
And you so patient, lost in dreams,
Too busy crying, to hear the screams.

Nobody cares if you lost or you won,
In with the girlies or under the gun,
Into the sunshine or under the blade,
We gonna dance on your grave,

What we do, is break the law,
We tasted blood and we want more,
For we are murder, we like it fine,
No quarter, we draw the line,
And you so gracious, lost in time,
Too busy killing, to see the crime

Love it or hate it, youre gonna pay,
All of us here, gonna ruin your day,
Into the palace or into the pit,
We think youre just full of s**t.

Nobody cares if youre in or youre out,
Were gonna give you a smack in the mouth,
Whether you go or whether you stay,
I guess it just aint your day,

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