Versuri Municipal Waste - Waste 'Em All

Album: Municipal Waste - Waste 'Em All

Once again faced with choices
Decisions that should shape my life
I weigh the options for what its worth
Continuing my daily strife (not the s****y band)
But as days go on the more it builds
These people suck all my will
My patience thins day after day
Leaving me with one choice to kill!
There's no turning back
I just wanna waste 'em all
Someone's gonna pay
I'm gonna waste there a*s today
Bodies are gonna drop
I'm never gonna f*****g stop
I've found this place it's much too late
I'll lay this fuckin' town to waste!
Daily life
Dead and job
It's all the same
Working for a living
It amounts to nothing
Holding back from going insane!
Sharpen my axe
Stock my supplies
They pissed me off too many times
And now they're gonna die!
Chopping, slashing, ripping, bashing
Those who have pissed me off this time
Now they see is much too late
The day has come vengeance is mine!

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