Stall Out Chords - Mute Math

This is my favourite song of the album.
I hope these chords are right...

The F#add9 at the end is sort of optional. 

Ebm          Db
Racing on a faultline
Ebm/Bb        Bbm     F#
Bracing for a landslide
Ebm                         Db
Concious of every move getting harder
Ebm/Bb        Bbm     F#
Has the race gone underwater?

I keep stalling out I just can't keep up
There's alarming doubt, am I good enough?
But you keep coming around to convince me
                      Bbm     F#
It's still far from over, oh

We are still far
We are still far
Ebm              F#        (F#add9)
We are still far from over