Versuri MxPx - Set The Record Straight

Did we ever have an understanding?
Did we ever have anything at all?
Not that I recall
You were never really there for us but then
We were never really there for you
Its true, the rest is up to you
You say its wrong, its right
You say we wont, we might
We thought about it twice tonight
And if we don't seem to Broken hearted
That's because we're glad we've parted
I think we've had enough for two

Well I believe in second chances
I believe the world is gonna end
But I would do anything to set the record straight

If you would believe

Will someone think about the heartbreak?
Will someone realize there has been a mistake?
and give back all you take
No one really cares enough to listen
No one really cares enough to rationalize
They just believe the lies

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