Versuri My Dying Bride - Heroin Chic

Album: My Dying Bride - 34.788%... Complete

Falling flat, falling on my face
Up yours you f*****g basket case
Come on, come on, take a shot
Kick me, kicking you, kick the lot

Talk to you with a frightening blade
Hear me stalk through the 6th f*****g grade
Bar wax clogging up your head
Maybe you're dumb, maybe you wanna be dead

Take a ride through a city tonight
Or we can stay here smoking shite

Fear grabs like a falling man
Unforgiving is its choking hand
Come on, come on if you've got the guts
Kill me now cause I don't give a f**k
in, out, baby I don't mind. Nice c**t. Nice behind
Groping around like a stupid kid

Bastards f*****g everywhere
It's all I see, I can't help but stare
Talking crap and looking like a twat
See the blade. Feel the blade in your back

This night. This night is hot
Hope it rains. Hope it rains a lot
Everywhere suckers stop and stare

f*****g city's just a f*****g mess
Up to its neck in f*****g p**s
Children playing with broken glass
Kill themselves for a laugh

Tired of being sold as meat
Whores give up beating on my meat
Actually, you know, I don't really mind
Too many scabs. Flesh is hard to find

Crime is here. Here to stay
Under pressure to admit you're gay
No money. No love. No luck
Tough s**t, stupid, worthless f**k
Say you will. Say you won't. Say wou will

s**t and scum. f*****g pigs everywhere
Harassing me but I don't f*****g care
I'm not free. They're always tying me down
Taking me. Taking me down town

b*****s. Yeah, I f****d my share
And their mothers cause I don't care
Say you will. Say you won't. Say you will
Talking s**t. You want it up the hilt
Always feeling sick and always drunk
Raining at last, thank Christ you c**t
Do me now with your heroin chic
Say nothing more. Do not f*****g speak

Calmly walk from slut to slut
Up everyone. You know I don't mind a f**k
No protection baby, who f*****g cares
Take a look. Come on. Everyone stare

Life for life is just the way its at
I don't remember last time I laughed
Call my woman but she's never home
Killed everyone to use this f*****g phone
Eye for an eye and all that s**t
Rip you off cause I need a hit

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