Versuri My Dying Bride - She Is The Dark

Album: My Dying Bride - Meisterwerk II

A cruel sleep 'cross our land, all withered and dying
as the fall, the victims, they're dying a sad death
in our land, we lay down and suffer again

A dark girl 'cross our land is pacing, is praying
and with her, a fever, a marching black fever
no eyes see, no features, just black form, suffering

You have her sympathy, you have her tears
she tries only to take all your fears
the pain she feels when she drinks your soul
is hers to suffer, it is her toll
believe me, she's helpless when she curses our land
when she swallows light, it's not her hand

Poison awaits when you kiss her
her heart cries out for you, for me
untold misery is hers to serve out for eternity
out cold, mankind will stay forevermore
if she gets her way, she can't help it
it's her curse to sing your pain in her own verse

She is the dark, the nightmares you hide
the pain you feel, the suffering inside
though she was like you, through her dark past
but now, the conqueror, her choirs vast
oh, please forgive her as mankind dies
as angels weep and heaven cries

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