Versuri My Dying Bride - The Blood, The Wine, The Roses

Album: My Dying Bride - A Line Of Deathless Kings

Everyone knows her, knows her name.
Deadly Siren, that's her game
They want to be near her.
Playing her game
Get to know her.
What's her name?
She strides among us with a burning fire.
Her victims endless, piling higher
And I run along with them, the heaving mass, fighting anyone to get past

I want her fire, her burning fire, her dark caress, her red hot kiss
I want desire, her roaring fire, from milk white breast to raven tress
I want her nights, morning light, her endless days, amazing greace

I'm on her trail every single day
Ahead, she glides, I stumble blindly in her wake

I witnessed lovers torn by her.
Teary maidens killing her
You'll never be lovers when she's in town
because in her eyes, we all drown
Broken-hearted, we leap to God, and die like lovers everyone forgot

I tremble when she passes by.
Lord make her mine or let me die
She looked at me.
Her eyes! Her eyes!
They drew me in.
Her sin! Her lies!

I see my final night
Glory, what a sight!
The blood, the wine, the roses
And me all snowy white

Her hands on me, it's ecstasy.
It's Heavenly, it's God I see
I risk a kiss. One kiss
One kiss!
I knew from then my life had died

Hold me now my father
Now my days are done
I would do it all again
Because she was the one

Torment me you f*****g bastard!
I'll seek you once I rise
Look behind.
I will slay your worthless blackened soul.