Versuri My Own Grave - Age Of Torment

Album: My Own Grave - Necrology

Our brutal age of hemoclysm
Of massacre to awe
Slavery, crusades or Khan
Death has not been reckoned like '45

Chivalry has not evolved like malice
Cure has forced the virus to mutate
A ravenous saturn devouring his own
Feeding of itself

Screaming without a tongue
Blind, eyes gouged out
Sold to suffering, dehumanized
Desecrated in our refined age or torment

Demonicide, genocide
The only beasts to rape her own kind
World downfall, utopia banished
Replaced by religious war

Soul denied, blood defiled
Just a grain of sand expunged
No memory, no life was here to claim
Only nameless death

Screaming without a tongue
Gaping holes for eyes
Desecrated, immolated, dehumanized