Versuri My Own Grave - Beneath Dark Waves

Album: My Own Grave - Unholy

In his house at R'Lyeh dead Cthulhu waits dreaming

Fog rises from the blackest of depths
Filled with dreams of Leviathan's caves
and all that lies therein
Fragments spread throughout the world of man
So he will never forget what has been

The cliff's edge is the end of the earth
listen to the songs of the sea

Is it possible to climb to the top of the world,
can one's mind accept what dwells atop?
Remnants from a time since long lost
Consciousness manifested through abominations

Abominations of the abyss
Calling forth the holocaust

The rift in what we call reality will grow
until there's no more room for us, mankind

Hear the songs of the ancient gods
Lurkers in the dark
Invocations of the elders, Ia Cthulhu!

That which is not dead just sleeps
Dreaming in the depths
Sunken cities since long gone but not to be
Forever buried!

That is not dead which can eternal lie
Yet with strange aeons even death may die!

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