Versuri My Own Grave - Buried

Album: My Own Grave - Unholy

By birth dismemberment
Branded for conformity handed a sign
Idiosyncratic deterioration
Nurtured by sheep among the hounds

Justify! - Lies harness my life
If you live by the cross then die by the cross like the dog you are!
Servant of the light - Crucified!
Born in a tomb, existence denied, you'll die as you lived in a tomb
you will rot!

Rendered blind
Gagged and bound
Buried deep
Left to rot

Inferiror minds
Cultist fuel on a withered pyre
Delusional greed
Decrepit spawn of the leech
Humble eyes
Imprisoning a raging fire
Sacred amity
Euthanasia-fated creed

Higher life - Lord of flies!
Insolent behind your mask, are you willing to pay the price?
Your sacrifice will resound for aeons through others' demise
Disgust! Contempt! Despise!

Mortar in a mortal design
A vessel to fill with their ill doctrine
Thus you'll never see
The world for you will never be!