Versuri My Silent Wake - Devoid Of Light

Album: My Silent Wake - Black Lights And Silent Roads (Split with The Drowining)

[Lyrics: J Moore. Music: M Hitchen & J Hodges]

Who knows what we tell the dark
When shadows close around blotting, out.
Our only light our only hope
Do you long, to be more than this
This life deludes between the days.
Await release without hope again and again.
In the Darkness shadows in mourning.
Realms of silence lead the night.
I am nobody's child, a ragged creature
Impoverished at your behest in my silence
When there's no warmth left in the sun.
As the days draw by when we hide.
In the world in the darkness,
Shadows mourning, lead the night.
Here where I hide without your compassion
In a world devoid of warmth,
In a world devoid of light
Is the face that deludes my perfection
Or my perversion continually turning,
Towards the sky over and over again and again