Versuri Mychildren Mybride - On Wings Of Integrity

Album: Mychildren Mybride - Unbreakable 2008

Bitter thoughts test morals and encourage bitter action
Pride comes before fall
Think before you speak, if you even speak at all
I'll relinquish your heavy hearts of pain and sorrow
Healing sutures
An unguarded queen pursues, oblivious of her future

I don't expect anything, we are all hopeless, but I stay confident
With willingness to take control, we'll make our time well-spent
Let it sink in, every word that I said
Let it sink in, every word you heard me say

Conquering anything and everything THROWN AT US
We will not be torn, our hearts will stand, they will stand as one

My victory in sight, a steady heart will not collide with misfortune
Oh the integrity

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