Versuri MYSTIC PROPHECY - Eternal Flame

Album: MYSTIC PROPHECY - Regressus

[Music: Liapakis, Gus G. / lyrics: Liapakis]

Now I returned and I bring you my curse
Pain and death
The scars in me are yours
Look into my eyes and my blood drains down
And become ice
Then you'll know
I'm back again

But then it will
Be too late for regrets
You have to excorcise me
With my enemies blood

Every drip of blood............ and a new pain
Every secret dream............... and a new horrible

Eternal flame
Now you can feel my pain
Into the edge of the night
Eternal flame
Now you are burning for me
Into the edge of the night

Look up
And when you see the sky getting darker
Then you'll know it's time

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