Versuri MYSTIC PROPHECY - In Your Sins

Album: MYSTIC PROPHECY - Regressus

[Music: Liapakis, Gus G. / lyrics: Liapakis]

I'm coming home buried alive
Almighty and immortal
Baptised in blood
Starvation and sorrow
All trough the fire
I'm back to hell and the unknown

I'm a demon way out of control
My hate will burn through your soul

Forever im lost in your sins
A cruel nightmare begins
Forever im lost in your sins
A new dimension begins

I am the fear
Within and behind
I am your master
In the depths of our soul

The desperation and the anger
The sadness and the fear
Devestation and the weakness
Fill your dreams again

Your dream now is over
It's time to go
You are back in my kingdom
In hell

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