Versuri MYSTIC PROPHECY - Time Will Tell

Album: MYSTIC PROPHECY - Never-Ending

[Music: Gus G. / lyrics: Liapakis]

Look in my eyes
And tell me what you see now
Can you feel the deep hate in my soul
Your heart and soul are empty
Like an endless desert suffering
Under the burning sun
And you turned to ashes

I hate you for all that you
Have done to me
One night I will return and bring
You back to hell

When time will tell
The demons of the night
Will hold you back again
When time will tell
The creatures of the night
Are waiting for your last breath

This is your end
The coldness now is back again
Someday I will gain back my heart
Say good- bye to the light
The seven seals are broken
And then the blood on my hands
Will be yours

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