Versuri MYSTIC PROPHECY - Wings Of Eternity

Album: MYSTIC PROPHECY - Never-Ending

[Music: Liapakis, M. Albrecht / lyrics: Liapakis]

Leave your skepticism into oblivion
To see the dark side of your damned life
I'm behind you
I'm where you want to be
Everywhere I'm with you
In darkness are calls your name

Heart the crash of the spirit
And evil comes over you again

We ride on the wings of eternity...
Together we can touch the sky
We ride on the wings of eternity...
And evil stands by your side

I hold the book of dead in my hands
And its pages are made of the muscle
And bone of victims
I'ts time to wake up from
Your darkest sleep
Tonight is the time for the last fight
For you and me

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