Versuri MYTHOLOGICAL COLD TOWERS - Mythological Cold Towers

Album: MYTHOLOGICAL COLD TOWERS - Sphere Of Nebaddon (The Dawn Of A Dying Tyffereth)

From Abyssinia to Egypt, nocturnal revenance
Circle of copts around the fire star

"Eumenides at the front on the way of the initiates
The empire comes back to the light, immortality of the soul"

Between the far towers,
Vultures searching the deep graves of the desert
Illuminated from wise, he has the knowledge key
See the light shine on the cult of Isis

Land that cries to it's profanity
I sung a hymn to the sunset
In his court Osiris, just my shadow dares to appears
Cold aspect pillars, splits the solar rays in the sky

I see scalding horrors dancing in front of me
And the nilo waters reflecting the stars
On the hills of sand I split the nights and days

Son of Horus takes the hovering star Anubis
That hovers now over the towers
If blessed celestial invaders of the crepuscule
Atlanto-Ethiophs "of red skin"

"Sam-Taouf personified in Hator, Solar god
Mummified entities, I invades the lost tower and found my treasure
By the modern man his tranquility was usurped
I fight with the old Pharaos"