Versuri MYTHOPOEIA - Aphrodisiakum Of Hermaphrodit (Blue Egypt)

Album: MYTHOPOEIA - Scheps Ankh, Aesch Mezareph, Atropopaia, Michani

Oom posmon oom - en oe uru ni
- neuech omun chom
- haach nomeech om
- hee noeum vrch hee

Driping blue wash off the suffer
lovely are shields of basess love
finger roars by flares up of thought word
distant luck from desire of floating pains

Oom posmon oom
Oom posmon oom

Flower of pleasure of huming bodies of freedom
shores of infammable landscapepicture of pointworld
key of angel wings of lightly blue
secret pregnancy by cosmic breath

Touching of eternal driping silence