Versuri MYTHOPOEIA - Crossing By Dragon

Album: MYTHOPOEIA - The Golden Leaf Of Oak

Crossing of shadow, knowledge of lost ones
Spring of gripping is crushing the journey
Key of poisons in the stones of curse
Claw is twirling peak of action in the future
Boiling of symbol will flood inflammation
Skin of dragons spat by honeycomb
Red worm tangles the lights of tempting
Soalr temple in darkness of bones
Scattering is swallowing the false sway
Rods are flying in the glare of gullet
Tongue waves bodies of the cross
Lame recoil is flying up to cringe
Tiredness of ways is dissolving the prison
Abloom heads are fusing kneading of rotteness
Horror of hammer is torturing the holiness
Starhall is fleeting through the labyrinth