Versuri MYTHOPOEIA - Dawn Of Sunflower (Egypt Arrivals)

Album: MYTHOPOEIA - Scheps Ankh, Aesch Mezareph, Atropopaia, Michani

Pekelna vasen neprojde zrcadlem

Ohen, Ohen, Ohen

Mysteries of hiding-places, brisk sacramnet
Deep knowledge, presence of myths

Vapours of redolent cloudlets from vessel are divesting
Swallowing stream is dissolwing the flow
Plundering stop is sifting the corn of life
Knowledge disclaimed sight of cosmic rainbow
Without waterside is solitude of fruit of sight
Lost thoughts of open emptinesses
For love are cutted off the eye-lids of Gods
Fruits of elements feel their beat
Pebbels of colours repose on bottom of streams
Watching gate is dawning to men
Tender mystery, to give birth and die into rose

Cross of world eat sacrifices of the strokes
Runner will wound his soles on notions
Cramps of inbornations fly away through the spiral and back
Flowers are symbol of the following

Tajemno skrytych mist posvatnosti,
Hluboka moudrost zvecnelych mytu,
Pro lasku jsou uriznuta vicka Bohum
a kvety jsou symbolem pristiho.
Nezne tajemstvi dava zrozeni a smrt v ruzi,
Pekelna vasen neprojde zrcadlem...

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