Napalm Death - Words from the Exit Wound

Words from the Exit Wound

Aparut in: 1999-01-26

Label: Earache

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Repression Out of Uniform versuri
Next of Kin to Chaos versuri
Trio-Degradable/Affixed by Disconcern
Cleanse Impure versuri
Devouring Depraved versuri
Ulterior Exterior versuri
None the Wiser? versuri
Clutching at Barbs versuri
Incendiary Incoming versuri
Thrown Down a Rope versuri
Sceptic in Perspective versuri
Hung [Live][*]
Greed Killing [Live][*]
Suffer the Children [Live][*]
Affixed By Disconcern versuri
The Infiltraitor versuri
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