Versuri Napalm Death - Cause and Effect, Pt. 2

Album: Napalm Death - Utopia Banished

Reproach envelopes me.
A hierarchy through violence-street society.
I voice my contempt.

Convinced of my immunity.

Yet on a smaller scale,
In my conflicted world,
My resistance is stretched.

You sense and provoke.

You mock and degrade my friends and aims,
Tempting drastic actions - baiting me.

My shame turning, turning to rage.

Twisting the knot inside,
The final strains of restraint discharged.

Acceleration of loathing, driving my physical force.

The shameful act, the feeling of angst,
I considered myself incapable.

Lay blame with me for the "Bastard" that I am,
(You're) too stupid to understand the scars your cruel words inflict.

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