Nasum Chords & Tabs

Country: Sweden Label: Relapse Records Website: Formed in: 1993 Disbanded in: 2005 1993-2005 Grindcore Line-up Former musicians: 1992-2005  Anders Jakobson - drums   › 1993-1996  -//- guitar   › 1996-2000  -//- vocals   1993-1995  Rickard Alriksson - drums, vocals   1993-2004 ......Biografie Nasum

Warfuck Tab

Time To Act Tab

Think Tab

Stalemate Tab

Smile When Youre Dead Tab

Shadows Tab

Rens Tab

Relics Tab

Red Tape Suckers Tab

Re-create The System Tab

Mass Hypnosis Tab

Inhaleexhale Bass Tab

Engine Of Death Solo Tab

Disforest Tab

Disdain And Contempt Tab

The Final Sleep Tab

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