Versuri Nasum - I Hate People

Album: Nasum - Helvete

[Music & lyrics: Mieszko A. Talarczyk]

When you try too hard
to find meaning in what you see
You forget the origin of the landscape
so carefully laid out at your feet

Is it hard for you to understand?
Does it bother you that I don't f*****g care?

I'm not here for you to read me
like an open book, so don't f*****g ask
I'm just thinking, thinking loud
bringing words to tongue and moving fast
All this s**t you take for granted
leads to nothing, makes no sense
Instead of waiting for being told
maybe you should tell yourself?

You're a slow learner, you'll never last
In a world so cold you're supposed to make it fast!

Disappointed - yes, but this is hardly news
You're disadvantaged from the start
There's no denying it and you are through...

I hate people telling me what to do - f**k you!

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