Versuri Natalie Imbruglia - 05. Wishing I Was There

Album: Natalie Imbruglia - Left of the Middle

Take your hand
and place it in my pocket
flick your eyes back in my sockets
put those thoughts away
sometimes they're much too loud
I'll take a breath
and cradle your sweet head
should've stayed at home in bed
put that face away
I'm melting for you
I know, I get cold
cos I cant leave things well alone
understand I'm accident prone
me, I get free
every night the morn is mine
but when the morning comes
don't say you love me
don't say you need me
I really don't think that's fair
boy I'm not so dumb
but when you leave me
I'll be wishing I, wishing I, wishing I was there

I dreamt
about another girl in bed with you
you just laughed and smiled
denied the proof
we're fine till I think of a problem
I wish it made sense
like a joke that no one gets
it's alive without regret
I want to feel that way, forever and ever

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