Versuri Natron - SleepDead

Album: Natron - Bedtime for Mercy

Desecrated, violated
Overtaken by nightfall

Thoughts bathed in oneiric dust
Widely sown by Morpheus the lord
Full of sand is the depth and you fall

Desecrated, violated
Invaded holy ground and vaults
Shrines fallen, creatures wave erratic
Gates of graveyards open wide

Willow o' wisps, necro-church
Fiery tombs, urns overtuned
Night fiends rise above
Night ghouls start to burn
Night time fast raids
Digging pits, exhuming brains

Night plaything, it's a gloomy blur
Walking through the sleep
A room lighted by the moon
Go to bed and dream of the dead

Take a walk on the nightside
Never talk before the light
Clutch to your pillow and then you fall
Cannot resist the deathcall

Desecrated, violated, overtaken by nightfall
In your dreams a whirlwind
Dream of sleeping dead.

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