Versuri Naumachia - Cyberian Dance

Album: Naumachia - Wrathorn

Black red eyes
The dark pours out from the scars
With his invitation to the bloodthirsty dance
The psycho clown shivers in the delirious trance

Everything that belongs to you -dead
All things that you have - bad

The machine behind you tries to cut off your head
The flames of agnnazazar aim to shot you dead
You haven't escaped and stayed to fight
What do you recon? who will be the winner tonight?

You take up your sword and start to fight
Slaying the losers- you strengthened your might!
Call on your brothers to help you survive hance
You've got onto the track of terminators's dance

When the right time comes, on mighty my sing
Follow me to chase enemies: mine and thine
Pay evil for evil, give no one a chance
As the psycho clown didn't in his cyberian dance

The scramming laughter comes from the coffin's creak
The terminator's black mouth releases
The army of the sick
You- the last man on earth! dripping with blood
Reeking of putrefaction
Watch out for the sing if you wanna be
The solider of destruction!!!