Versuri Naumachia - Fornicatrix

Album: Naumachia - Black Sun Rising

Don't cling fear
And don't try flee either

I am here for a reason
I'm watching you giving in
To your compulsory instinct
Being caressed by random arms

How far will you go
in your disillusion muck reality?
How long will you fall
in your putrid debauchery?

Lowliness queen of self-inflicted pain
Worn and torn it tears apart
I will transform you beyond recognition
And become something else myself

I will put my bizarre preconception to the test
And grant you liberation
Through cleansing pain
No one is beyond redemption

You are a free offering
Gained with no strife
I will put out the flicker of hope
Gleaming in your overmade eyes

You are free offering
Disposable sacrifice
I will use as I see it fit
I despise your kind
In your face I'll spit
Each time you look up