Versuri Naumachia - Minimum Fatal Dose

Album: Naumachia - Callous Kagathos

With every sip
I'm getting more alive
With every sip
I feel like tasting life

The more I want, the less I am

Fighting the gag effect
I'm striving to endure
I'm swallowing the sting
To feel I can still feel
Tilting the bottle
Against the backdrop
Of the changing world.

Been through Hell
To get a piece of Paradise
The fleeting taste of my reward
Left me sober and lost

The more I want, the less I am

The liquid prayer burns my tongue.
With the opaque dark veil
Fading into foggy dawn
The flavour of life turns bland

Numb sleep takes me over
To another daylight Hell
I'm left with the shameful reminder
Of last night's routine.