Versuri Neaera - Heavenhell

Album: Neaera - Let The Tempest Come

This is one of the Safest Places
Of This World So Immune
I Am Neither Scared Nor Desperate
I Enjoy Every Breath of Life

You are the One
Another Life Spending Sun
Precious Gifts We Get from You
Exploitation and Torture is Our Gratitude
Ignorance and Neglect
Is How We Pay you Back

Earth Mother Will not Revenge, No!
She will Feed Us Forevermore

Growth and Endless Resource
Illusions (That) Leave Us Unafraid
Scorching Trees and Poisoning Skies
Nightmare, Future, Reality

We Burn and Rape and Grind You
Your Silent Tears Will Not be Seen
We Kill you and Thus Murder Ourselves
Your Silent Screams Will Not be Heard

Earth Mother Will Not Revenge, No!
She Will Feed Us Forevermore

Ignorance and Neglect
Is How We Pay You Back