Versuri Necrodemon - Hordes Of Hyperion

Album: Necrodemon - Ice Fields Of Hyperion

Trudging through the ice fields
Destination the dark mountains
To gather the blood-thirsty Hordes
Ritual in the night
Summoning the powers of our Lord
We descend, destroy, annihilate
The filthy enemy tribes
Hear our Warcry

We fall upon your sacred places
And frost covers the ground
Warmth only comes
From spilled blood!

Tearing down the masses
Atonement of Hyperion
Procreating the frost-bitten souls
Bringing the end to religious faade
Carcass of your impotent God
Layered and layered in ice
Lead by dark spells
The ice storms bring the end
The end!

Hordes of Hyperion strike!

Hordes of Hyperion strike!

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