Versuri Necrodemon - Mord-Sith

Album: Necrodemon - Allegiance To The End

The Mord-Sith
Cave, she trapped me in a cave
Slave, to become her f*****g slave
Leather, clad in red leather
Engender, the pain she engenders
Beautiful, she's undeniably beautiful
Evil, she is utter f*****g evil

She desecrates, she desecrates me!
Weapons to beat, weapons to beat me!

The Mord-Sith
Escape, I will never, never escape
Fate, she is my f*****g fate
Sex, she constantly wants sex
Neck, then welts my tired neck
Pain, both pleasure and pain
Hate, the mistress of love and hate

She desecrates, she desecrates me!
Her body to please, her body to please me!

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