Versuri Necrodemon - Non-Divine

Album: Necrodemon - Allegiance To The End

The priest he speaks reading rites to death
Cast away, life ends, final breath
Never dead from the grave I rise
Blasphemy will surely bring Christian demise

Twilight falls / Spirits call
The red moon shines / Demons now rise
At dawn the priest must f*****g die!

Specters call, darkened mists, they summon me
From the grave to put an end to Christianity
The feeble priest, watch him bleed perpetually
Upon the altar, I shall cast out the demon seed

Daylight falls / We stand tall
"Save me lord" / I hear him cry
At dawn the priest must f*****g die!

The light fell / Straight to Hell
Consumated curse / Satanic service
It's dawn the priest he f*****g died!

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