Versuri Necrodemon - So Cold, So Evil

Album: Necrodemon - Ice Fields Of Hyperion

Gathered on the mountainside
Dark soldiers
All enemies of Christ
Reborn to hate... ...their light!

Darkness surrounds
Black Minions
Evil's abound
Allegiance forever... ...Sworn!

So Cold, So Evil!
So Cold, So Evil!
So Cold, So Evil!
So Cold, So Evil!

Darkness pounds their minds they can't control it
Freezing winds take their lives, engulf it
To this world to remain cold-hearted
Forever at war with their worthless Matyr!

Tornado of spirits
He sends to the Abyss
Christ's demise
Under our clenched... ...Fists!

The hatred is pure
Towards your savior
Their ways are a disease
And we are... ...the Cure!

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