Versuri Necrophobic - Where Sinners Burn

Album: Necrophobic - The Nocturnal Silence

[Music: Parland]
[Lyrics: Parland]

Holy father in the sky
Inhuman lord of darkest lies
We burn the feeble christian cross
And curse the holy son of God

At dawn we summon the master below
The horned one shall take your soul
Behold the shadows of the moon
And wish you were never born

Holy father
We are the worshippers of darkness
Holy father
Feel our hate from below *
We are the sons of hell
We shall live on forever
We are the ones who sold our souls
In the unholy name of evil

Behold the flames of hell
The abyss where sinners burn
Forever you shall dwell
In the fires without return

No god shall ever live
No lies shall ever be told
We desecrate Jesus Christ
And turn the crucufix upside down

Burn the corpse of Jehova
In the flames of hell it shall be done
Devour the holy Messiah
Consume the forgotten son

The paradise is no more
The burning of heaven I behold
My vision of hell was true
As it was foretold

[* Backing vocals and 2nd scream by Rickard Daemon]

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