Versuri Necrophobic - Wings Of Death

Album: Necrophobic - Death To All

I writhe in torment, in adamantine chains and fire
the infernal serpent, from the skies into the dark
against the throne I stood, with chaos I'll return
for I am greater, through the walls I will break


with mighty wings outspread
rise from the vast abyss
over doleful shades
where peace and rest can never dwell
I raise the three-pronged iron spear into the key
I'll inflame these lands
and enthrone them as the lord of hell


I ride the storm of hell on scorching flames
by fire embraced I'll return
I claim this dark domain and the shadow throne
infernal enlighten gloom
I spread the wings of death and majesty
come triumph, rise cleansing fire
and god shall fear my name

through infernal thunders
tortures turns to horrid arms
in wrath not woe we rise and storm the tower high
march from this den of shame and go to open war
strike without fear, for what is dead can never die


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