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Country: Finland Label: GBFAM Records Website: Formed in: 1997 1997- Suomi metal 1997- Glam metal Line-up Current members: 1997-  Jonne Aaron Liimatainen - vocals   1997-  Jay Slammer - drums   2001-  Antti Anatomy - bass   2001-  Larry Love - guitar   2004-  Mr. Snack - keyboards  ......Biografie Negative

Still Alive Chords

Still Alive Tab

Planet Of The Sun Chords

Moment Of Our Love Tab

Lost Soul Chords

In My Heaven Chords

In My Heaven Tab

About My Sorrow Chords

Jealous Sky Tab

End Of The Line Chords

f*****g Worthless Chords

Wont Let Go Chords

Fading Yourself Chords

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