Versuri Negator - Renegation

Album: Negator - Old Black

I deny - to feel like I feel in the elder moonlight
Words of mine - to call the uncalled, the unspoken rhyme
Mesmerized - awaken from there, from a shining flight
Neither compromise - landslide of dreams for I won't no longer pray

Visions are falling - awaken from blindness

I deny - open the gates to agreater light
Words of mine - embracing me in another height
Mesmerized - sounds of refusing, recalling the night
Neither compromise - my belief has died

Icons are calling

Landslide of dreams - for I won't to serve the underworld
Running in schemes - am I now far to myself

Unveiling war - to cross the border
in strenght enshrined for I have to deny

Gott ist die Antwort auf alle Fragen

Und Gott ist tot

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