Versuri Negura Bunget - Sala Molksa - Channeling Through Art Immortal

Album: Negura Bunget - Sala Molksa

Three hundred sixty - sixty eight - thirteen. Years! - One.
The autocracy of strength; initiation.
Wizard in wisdom, daimonian occultation (daimon hros)
One... quack - man - hero. Epiphany! (qeos anqropos)
Gentile gentry gatherer/ Forefatheras forlorn folk
Forty seven - sevenas!
Spiritual guidance; meditation- abysmal.
Abide, rapture, calm, bear, befog - bewitch, cyrcle (ktistai)
Within a less fear never-ending persistence... Ascent!
The acme among archaic ancestry of brotherhood (polistai)
Gentile gentry gatherer / Forefatheras forlorn folk
One- one hundred and four. Century!
A smoke - living aery. The astrology of cult
Astronomical realm - cloud walking - levitation (kapnobatai)
... farthest smoke - fog ablazing presence...
The perform, attaining... ascensional immortality (aqanatizontes)
Within aesthetical death-lust fascination.
Gentile gentry gatherer / Forefatheras forlorn folk
One- ninety one - Century!
Symremonial remembrance - The every of fifth. Choused! (dia pentemridos)
Active magic existence participation, geometrism, post- fulfillment
Blood- flag forest - castle, relics - circular horal - bound
One - five hundred twenty - Aeons!

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