Versuri NEOLITH - Asar Un-nefer

Album: NEOLITH - Individual Infernal Idimmu

I have come at night coated in darkness
Eyes of mine blackness possessing no life
Vermin creep in veins of mine
Blood of mine black sea!
Asar un-nefer
Asar un-nefer
Names of mine thousands!
Millions of them there are! each one true
And each one nameless on everyone's lips!
Let there be word!
Sotou speak!
Ad-on-a-I scream!
Feet of mine crush skulls
Wrapped in flame I stride into kingdom mine!
I bring nothing but demise!
I preach not more than bad news!
Angelos ton theon!

“...from the deep abysses he was awakened
By the filthy rituals invoked
Summoned thousand times at night
Brought from dream to the light ...
Deity of fear hate and disgust
The one that we all bowing shall trust ...”

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