Versuri NEOLITH - Souls They Love Forever

Album: NEOLITH - Igne Natura Renovabitur Integra

I will lie down
By your side
Yet another kiss
That's all I need
And all I desire
Souls they love forever
Love that lives forever
Death that won't tear us apart
I will hold your hand
I won't feel blood pulsing
In your swollen veins
Won't feel your breath
Yet another kiss...
As I touch your frigid lips
I can feel that you're gone
Souls they love forever...
I've passed the gates of mortality
I've reached the land of balance
I can hear your voice
But you're not here
I can hear you call
Carried in the wind
Your despair and sorrow
Won't change anything
I'm like a star in the sky
Cold and remote
Come and shine beside me
In the winter freezing skies.

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