Versuri NEOLITH - The Dark And Light In One

Album: NEOLITH - Individual Infernal Idimmu

Before thee, the crooked horns
Before my road ends
Slaves we all are to the light
To the beauty thee adore
The astonishment towards eternity
The dark and light in one
The prayers unnecessary
Understanding in thee
Faith to sleep not far so long
To wake up among mystery
I find every single moment
Of my being and perceiving
Painful to forget, to neglect
I stand on the edge
Till I fall over to discover
Till I touch the sweetness of sin
Till they conspire against my will
To bury me under what I detest
Baptise me with the breath of filth
Summon me to escape
Protect me before I sleep
Embrace me with thy wings
I widespread open
To dire into your hands
Protect me thy light!
Thou shall not be misled by the words sounding
So familiar... let the betrayer
Be portrayed as the victim, the deceit as the plan, let your eyes,
Ears and the mind be deceived with the lies that
You have always considered to be the only fundamental
Truth for blasphemous are the ways of the creation...