Versuri NEOLITH - Unbeliever

Album: NEOLITH - Igne Natura Renovabitur Integra

Przychidza na mnie godziny zwatpienia
Gdy trace wiare w twoja dobroc
W twoje milosierdzie, w twoje milowanie
W Wole zbawienia, w twoja istnosc I wladanie
Then I want you to come to heaven in lightnings
Surrounded by flames
Full of strength
God full of glory
Even in your eyes
Hostile spars burnt for me
As you die, my soul dies in me
Night great and eternal stretches out
Abyss open up before my thoughts
Unpenetrated and unknown
Appear, appear
High in the sky
In the chariot of fire
Strike me with your thunder
Shine like hatred in my eyes.