Versuri NEURAXIS - Oscilliated To Intelligence

Album: NEURAXIS - Imagery

Victimized in silence on wavy spells
Affects and vibrates all brains cells
Optimising the mind to new thrills
Shivering frequences gives the skill

Exposed to this unpredictable force
Imposed stress on the cell's course
Vulnerable adenomas processes...activated
Stranges results from vitals...detected

Magnetism is a form of frequency that oppresses
every life form in trade of degeneration
Upgrade the stimulation in a positive manner
to oscilliate the mind into progression

Calibrate ideas and thoughts
with fully operational controls
Complete the sarcastic evolution
of the puzzled brains tools

The key to boost intelligence is the way
to conquer the unknown intercellular sectors
Demystified territories based on, sensorial
telekinesic views and virtual mind warp

Hack the brain, a scientist's dream
Manipulate the memory density capacity
Rating upper levels, makes the game extreme
A joy of madness chanting insanity

Consider that we're not yet there
but our imagination is...
Rememberance of a logical explanation
to questioning our existence

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