Versuri NEURAXIS - Thought Adjuster

Album: NEURAXIS - Trilateral Progression

Actuality of the primal source incarnate amongst the souls
The true promise of eternal career imprisoned within the mortal mind
The general developmental stages of being
Designated as thought changers, called thought adjusters, referred to as thought controllers
Disconnected with the stages of progress in mind duplication
Widespreadly known as the pilot
That lights every soul which comes into the world
The Adjuster is eternity: man is personality
Will never know tranquility from the time of their bestowal
Until the day of their release to start upon the natural death of their subjects
Those who do not pass through the portals of natural death do not even experience this temporary rest
To represent, to be, the energy of the highest order of time and space
Fundamental works of the transfer
Elevating the mortal minds
Translating the souls up to the spiritual heights of achievement
Capacity and potential
Will wisdom have an opportunity to function?
Indwell minds of whose intimate natures, fully apprised
Indwell minds of whose intimate natures, fully apprised
Exhibit the worship outreach
Spiritual perception
Prospects of reverential development
Combined intellectual and spiritual powers
Associated to produce the strength of human character

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