Versuri NEUROSIS - Life On Your Knees

Album: NEUROSIS - The Word As Law

Christ died nailed to a cross
Life on your knees get down on your knees
Now he's an icon to the spineless mass
Life on your knees enforced reality
Bring your mind forth and submit
Life on your knees stay down on your knees
Just let him take you away
Life on your knees assume conformity

Welcome to the world of your mindless life
Away from the reality of your lifeless mind
Welcome to the world of your lifeless mind
Away from the reality of your mindless life

He was no better than the rest of us
Crucified for doing what was right to him
And you'll do no better, we're all slaves
Let go now, look within

Break the chains on your mind
Don't spend your life on your fuckin' knees
The power is within yourself
Take a hold on your own life
If you spend your life waiting for heaven
You'll never get out of hell.

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