Lust For Power Chords - New Model Army

This is the version on "f**k Texas, Sing For Us"
Lyrics from the official New Model Army website:

e -----------------------------------|
B -----------------------------------|
G 15--14----10--9----7--6----3--2----|  x2
D 15--15----10--10---7--7----2--2----|
A -----------------------------------|
E -----------------------------------|

Verse 1:
Bb            C               Dm               C
 Across the flatlands we came out of nowhere special
       Bb           C                 Dm              Am
Like a peasant revolution - makeshift weapons in our hands
   Bb                    C              Dm                  C
We crashed the gates so hard we'd never heard that kind of sound before
    Bb                   C                Dm           Am
And braced ourselves for victory and the spoils of the land
   Gm                         Am
Defences melt away before our frozen blank surprise
         Gm                         A
From the palace now we stare into a million waiting eyes

            Dm               F/C                 Am
I've got my trophies on the wall, the heads I've hunted down the hall
       Dm               F/C              Am
And I guard my winnings well, carry them with me when I fall
        Dm             F/C           Am
Now the daylight hours pass like the people I have lost
       Dm             F/C          Am
In the triumph of the hour, in the bloody cause - lust for power

Riff with verse chords (Bb C Dm C)

Verse 2:
Bb      C                 Dm                      C
 Like a vision she dances through the shafts of light
      Bb               C           Dm               Am
Everything I've ever dreamed about focused true and bright
    Bb            C              Dm                C
And fortune opens up the ground, blackens out the sky
  Bb                 C                      Dm                 Am
I kissed her once, I kissed her twice but I couldn't remember why
     Gm                                 Am
When I was young they taught me well to always play to win
         Gm                                  A
But they never said what happens when you've won the bloody game


(Gm F Eb) x2
    Cm                          D 
And all desire is satisfied but still the hunt goes on
     Gm                                A
It's funny how this feeling stays with all the reasons gone

Verse 3:
      Bb                  C               Dm                  C
We've seen them fat and bloated those who once could hold a flame
     Bb               C                 Dm                 Am
I've run for home and words gone by but nothing seems the same
      Bb                 C            Dm               C
I can watch the world in secrecy from one side of this glass
         Bb           C            Dm                   Am
From the other my reflection and I don't know which is worse
     Gm                                            Am
The streets are lined with glittering stores and a million fatted calves
      Gm                                    A
I can catch myself sometimes these days and all I do is laugh, laugh