Broken Promise Chords - New Order

New Order - Broken Promise (from Brotherhood album)

Guitar chords: Dm, Am, C, G
Standard Tuning

Intro: 2 measures instrumental

Dm     Am
Oh, I don't know why people lie
    C     G
and I don't know why people die
Dm    Am
EVerytime I see you shout at me
 C     G
cause of all of the things in the world that I can't see

Pre Chorus: (2nd verse, substitute words in parentheses)
Dm      Am
And what I think goes on in this world
for a mother and a father and a boy and a girl (kid)
    Dm      Am
is that the more you earn the less you learn
  C     G
there's a fact in life where you (we) will burn

G  Dm
And I never could believe it
      Am     C
and I never could be true
G    Dm
father, things that mean so much to me
don't mean that much to you
      G  Dm
and I never could believe the way 
    Am  C
you told me I was wrong
       G    Dm
if I'm right and if you are simple sin
    Am     C
for God's sake I was wrong

2 measures instrumental: Dm Am C G

Oh I don't know how I think this way
how you sit there looking at me all day
there's more to you than I can see
there's a shadow of a mother hanging over me

Pre chorus

4 measures instrumental: Dm Am C G

Outro Chorus:
G     Dm  Am  C
Oh I tell you out of heaven and I tell you out of hell
and I see your life in ruins, you're just earning that as well
and I cry out in my loneliness, well used to be your peace
but you'll never see my face again, oh I need words like these

Outro: 6 measures instrumental: G Dm Am C

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