Versuri New York Dolls - Making Rain

Album: New York Dolls - Cause I Sez So

Hate how the myth of separation
Really cast a spell on me
Never missing one occasion
Of the infinite varieties of agony
Passin' down our borrowed anguish
Blasted joys and jubilant despair
Leave us crying out here to languish
Poor outcast, it's too much to bear

Creating rain
Making rain
It's always raining here

Sometimes I need a little shove, yeah
Remind me of my providence
Learn to bear the beams of love, yeah
Mending my conflict with circumstance

Making rain, making rain
It's always raining here
Heart's in pain, crying in the rain
Here comes that rain again
Exacerbation's, excruciations
That's the tears of things
Exacerbation's, excruciations
Well, that's the tears of things

Waiting in a railway station
In some godforsaken neighborhood
It's as if my blood was dreaming
And resolved itself into melody

Making rain, here comes the rain
Hearts in pain, it's always raining here
Creating rain, here comes the train
Making rain, it's always raining here
Yeah, making rain, making rain
It's always raining here
Making rain, yeah rain
It's always raining here
Yeah rain, yeah rain
Yeah rain, yeah rain
Here comes that rain again...

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